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The barn of arabian knights

Hey girls, have any of you been to a wedding at the barn of arabian knights? In Willow Brook? Im gonna go check it out and i talked to the guy in charge of the rentels and he told me that they can fit any budget and the place is pretty sweet looking. If you have been there, what did you think about it?

Re: The barn of arabian knights

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    The guy I dated in high school used to play there with his band. Maybe they have fixed it up in the last ten years but it looked like a barn back then. If that is your style, you are set.
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    I went to a receptio there last year and don't recommend it.  We missed the wedding, which ended up being a good thing.  It was in the yard, which had no tree coverage and the sun beating down on the guests.

    The party then moved into the barn, or attempted to.  It was so hot, and they had massive fans blowing, which meant you couldn't hear anything.  Once the sun set, people stayed out of the barn as it was cooler outside.

    I should have done research on the venue, as I didn't expect to be in a barn, I would have dressed very differently!  The floor is dirt and there are really odd things hanging on the walls and the ceiling.  Which ended up being some of my favorite entertainment - seriously, its random inside.  One guest told us that a friend went to a hot tub party for a 40th bday party.  I didn't ask for any details!

    Maybe, MAYBE, for a fall wedding it would work, but I wouldn't recommend it.  The barn itself was packed with people, the buffet line was hard to get to.  Though, the food was ok. 

    If you do go with this, I would make sure your guests understand that it's not a formal reception, sandals, flip flops, casual summer dresses would have been much better than heels and a nice dress.
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