Father/Daughter Song-- How slow?

A lot of the songs I like are a little bit more upbeat... would it be difficult to slow dance to "You are the sunshine of my life" or a song of equal tempo?

Re: Father/Daughter Song-- How slow?

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    I prefer slightly more upbeat--it's more fun. We did Pride and Joy by Marvin Gaye and that's a little faster than Sunshine of my Life. My friends did SOML for their wedding song and it worked out nicely.
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    I agree with Rho, easier to dance to a more upbeat song. I am going to try and pick a happy upbeat one so it is more fun than emotional. I think that song isn't too slow though if you really like it, go for it!
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    We did "Isnt she lovely" by stevie wonder.  It seems similar to your pick.  Everyone loved it and thought it was super cute.  I guess people get tired of watching people stand there and sway to a slow song at every wedding.  I think you should go for it.  Also the up-tempo choice helped keep me from crying, so that was a bonus!
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