Outdoor Fall Venues near Chicago, Michigan, or Wisconsin

Hello everyone! So I have become recently engaged and while our wedding is two years away I would like to get a head start on planning. :}

I have been searching the internet and asking friends about venues that would provide a scenic outdoor fall wedding. I am looking for a venue that would provide an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception. I have spent countless hours already looking for venues in the Chicagoland area. So far nothing in particular has caught my eye.

Since my search in this area has not provided me with the results I was hoping for, I was wondering if someone could please suggest any venues in the immediate (maybe 2 hours away from Chicago, 3 the most) areas of Michigan, Wisconsin, and even Southern/ Northern/ Eastern Illinois.

I would truly appreciate any input or advice since I am completely new at this!

Re: Outdoor Fall Venues near Chicago, Michigan, or Wisconsin

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    How much are you looking to spend on your venue?  The Morton Arboretum in Lisle (CLICKY) is about 30 miles west of the city and has a gorgeous outdoor area that they use for ceremonies and 3 options for indoor receptions.  It is beautiful during the fall with all of the leaves.  However, it is not a cheap space. 

    I'm having my reception at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora (CLICKY), and they have a large outdoor area with a gazebo that is used for weddings quite often. They have 2 indoor spaces (one for up to 150 people and one for up to 350 people) that you can use for a reception area.  Unfortunately there are not a lot of pictures on the website, but if you google image search Two Brothers Roundhouse or Walter Payton Roundhouse (ignore most of the decor - Two Brothers bought it in March of this year and changed it) you can get an idea of the space. 

    I know you were looking for places outside of the Chicago area, but these two places get overlooked quite often.  Good luck and happy planning!
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    Have you looked at golf clubs around the Chicago area? We looked at a number of them and most have beautiful spaces for outdoor ceremonies and indoor receptions. Most of them are very affordable as well. Some that we checked out were Seven Bridges Golf Club in Woodridge, Bartlett Hills Golf Club in Bartlett and Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton (our venue)

    Have you explored Galena, IL for wedding options? It's about 2.5-3 hours from Chicago and a really cute town.

    Good luck!
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    Oh my god, the Two Brothers roundhouse is amazeballs!!!! I wish we had heard of that place when we were making our venue decision. haha

    We are having our outdoor ceremony and at The Public Landing in Lockport then moving inside for the reception and amazing food. Our venue is great, I'm just a little in shock over Two Brothers. Here is a link:
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    Danada Farm in Wheaton, seconding Arrowhead in Wheaton, Kline Creek GC in Winfield.

    Southwest Michigan (Saugatuck, South Haven etc) is beautiful.  Lots of small wineries in the area too.
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    I second Morton Arboretum :) but I could be just a tad bias because that's where I'm getting married next month. But it does fit what you're looking for - my fiance and I were looking for the same thing last year when we were venue hunting and Morton really does fit. The whole place is gorgeous and everyone has been so great to work with. Seven Bridges Golf Course was our second choice. It also has a beautiful outdoor site and the reception area is nice with a great view of the golf course. Good luck! :)
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    I would also suggest looking at Cantigny which has pretty outside settings. I also second the idea of golf courses, the few I would add are Stonebridge Country Club, Bolingbrook Country Club & Golf Course, White Eagle Country Club.
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    Lake Geneva, just over the border in WI, is very pretty. 
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    I will be the third to say Morton Arboretum. We were married there 2 months ago. We had an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. Our photos from around the grounds are amazing. There are a ton of places to take pictures and everything was gorgeous. The people were amazing to work with and the food is unbelieveable. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
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