Need help finding GOSPEL CHOIR for hire!!!!

Hey there fellow brides-to-be!

So if any of you have seen Love Actually, do you remember when Keira Knightley's character gets married and right after they're married that awesome Gospel Choir starts singing??? That's what I want at my wedding!!!!

I have no idea how much a gospel choir would cost to sing one or two songs. Better yet, I have no idea where to start to look for a gospel choir to  hire.

Anyone hear of someone doing this or know of local, Chicago-land gospel choirs that would be interested? Any suggestions at all would be great!

Thanks so much!!!

Re: Need help finding GOSPEL CHOIR for hire!!!!

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    I would contact HOB who books choirs for their Sunday gospel brunch.
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    Try looking at  That is where I found and booked our string quartet for our ceremony.
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    Ditto on gigmasters. Thats where I found my klezmer band for our ceremony and cocktail hour.
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    Did you ever find a choir? I am looking for the same thing in Chicago.
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