Invites ordered! Now...when to mail them?

we ordered our invites last night! 

she sent us a sample before we placed the full order and i love them!  we changed a couple of things, so i'm dying to see the final product.  we should have them in a couple of weeks.  i can't wait!

a huge thank you to those of you (love is bald and others) who recommended inkedpapers at etsy.  she has been so awesome!

my question now is when to aim to mail them.  i don't want them to get lost in the christmas card shuffle or stuffed in mailboxes while people are away on vacation.  

our wedding is March 12.  at first, i was aiming to get them out at the beginning of december.  earlier than normal, but to beat the holiday rush.  that's not happening.  then i was thinking January 11, so they'd be postmarked 1-11-11.  But that's sort of silly.   We sent out save the dates, everyone knows about the wedding, and the response date is 2-14.  So when should we mail them?

Re: Invites ordered! Now...when to mail them?

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    yay! Isn't Michelle great?!  I feel like her and I are best friends, lol! :)  I'm not really sure what etiquette says about mailing them out, but i'm with you -- i'd wait till right after the holidays. :)
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     I think etiquette says send invites out about 2 months ( 6-8 weeks) before your date.  I would definitely wait until after the holidays :)
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    MrsPapsMrsPaps member
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    I agree with PP, send them at the 8 or 9 week mark which is just after the holidays.
    YAY glad you love them!!!
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    6-8 weeks out is when you mail them. Why is your response date so early? When does your venue need a final head count by?
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    hz80408hz80408 member
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    I agree, send them at 8 wks.

    Ours were sent out 8 wks before with an rsvp of 4 wks before...sounds similar to your plan.  You'll be fine!
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    Thanks, ladies!

    I think we're going to shoot for just after the holidays.

    everyone got a save the date, and most people are traveling from out of town.  the hotel rooms have to be reserved by 2/17, so we wanted to make the response date before the hotel block expires. 

    plus, we have to give the venue a head count and a break down of how many of each meal at each table, so we just want to make sure there's enough time to get the seating chart done.  february is a short month!  lol
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