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Hi!  Anyone using them?  For those of you who have used them, what was your experience?  Were you able to go in and see their samples?  Do they have a warehouse of stuff?  As far as take down is concerned, what is the process?

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    Hi LOB,
    I used them for my gold textured linen on my family table, my cake table and a few other tables. Cesaria met me at my venue to see it and then worked up a quote for me, I knew what I was using already because she and my florist worked together and I had actually seen this linen at their bridal show.
    I am fairly certain they will bring samples for you to see. I did not go to a warehouse, I don't know if they have one. You would have to check with them.

    They were at my venue at the end of the evening to take out the linens, and they were there to set the linen and napkins at the beginning. They were reputable and easy to work with, I recommend.

    My gold linen was GORGEOUS!

    pro pic, sorry so small...

    Cake table you can see they used a gold napkin on it.

    Not very good pics but if you want to see my pro pics I can send you a link.
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    perfect!! I am using gold also, so that would be perfect! Would you mind sending me a PM with a link?  Thank you! :)
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    Hey there, I used Chair Couture as well.  They were so easy to work with!  Check out my review on them in my bio if you want.  I worked with Czarina, she was really great at responding to emails, etc.  She brought samples out to me, we actually met at a Panera near my house.  They do not have a warehouse, that I know of, I believe she runs the business from her home. 

    I never even saw them set up or take down our linens.  She told me they come a few hours before (they contact the venue coordinator to see when they can come) and they normally show up to take everything down after your reception is over!  I highly recommend them!!

    Good Luck :)
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    hey Baldy, I'm using them and they rock! Czarina will meet you practically anywhere and show you options and talk prices. when I booked them, they were running a special for chair covers, sashes with a free table runner.
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    [QUOTE]perfect!! I am using gold also, so that would be perfect! Would you mind sending me a PM with a link?  Thank you! :)
    Posted by Love is Bald[/QUOTE]

    That Gold textured linen was gorgeous, if you use it you won't be disappointed. The room was more gorgeous in person, becasue it was darkened and there were 100 candles in the room....I don't think the pics do it justice but they are beautiful too.....

     I will send you the link,  check your PM....
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