Cake Pops?

Hi Everyone...

I myself had an awesome candy buffet, and made beautiful iced cookies as favors, but sometime after my wedding I learned about wonderful cake pops. If you've never seen them, they're super-cute little cake bites dipped in chocolate, on a stick like a lolipop.

I made some for a friend's wedding, and they were super-excited about them. I knew they would be---it was part of my gift to them. People raved so much, and my family and coworkers are such fans, I've started to wonder if it's something I could market.

Looking for honest feedback: Would anybody pay for these as favors for their wedding?

I'd store and deliver them the day of the wedding. What do you think? I'm not looking to become a millionaire from cake pops, but any idea what would be a fair price?


Re: Cake Pops?

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