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So, our photographer is located in Springfield, IL.  We would like to at least meet her in the middle for our engagement session.  Does anyone know of any location that's an hour or two south of Chicago?  Thanks!!

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    Hmmm people have suggested some different places in Joliet, but I can't remember where exactly. Or how about somewhere along the Kankakee River. The Kanakakee CC has some nice grounds. There's also a state park outside of Bloomington?

    If you do go down to Springfield there would be some great places in the downtown area :)
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    What type of pictures are you looking for?

    Agree with PP, if you head down to Springfield the downtown area would be fun. Could you pop over to the Illinois Board? It's quieter but the girls might have more suggestions that the Chicago ladies.

    The first place I thought of was the Peoria area, although its about a 2.5-3 hour drive depending on where you're at up here. Peoria could give you downtown-type pictures, on the riverwalk or in the 'artsy' district, there is also Grand View Drive (think mansions overlooking a beautiful bluff and view of the river-especially in the fall), college campuses and plenty of parks.

    Maybe I'm biased since I used to live there but if you make a weekend of it I can give you recs for restaurants, etc. :)

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    Just find any park in the zip code where you want to be and you will get fantastic photos! 
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    Bloomington-Normal is 2hrs south of Chi and about 1hr north of Springfield. There's ISU and IWU campuses, Miller Park, Ewing Cultural Center, McGraw Park, and Mackinaw Valley Vineyard/Winery. I'm not sure on permits/fees for these places but they are all really pretty areas for pics!
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    Thanks ladies!!  Great suggestions, I really appreciate it!!!
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