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Teeth Whitening deal ($45) on You Swoop

Just wanted to pass this along.  You Swoop's (like Groupon) deal of the day is teeth whitening at Smiling Bright for $45. 

I can't vouch for them, I did do a Groupon last year with Bright Smile and it was totally worth it (I paid $185).


I think You Swoop has limited amounts so if you are looking to do something like this, definitely check it out!
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Re: Teeth Whitening deal ($45) on You Swoop

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    I purchased the Brite Smile Groupon last year (at Pure Med Spa on Mich and Deleware) and plan to do it at the beginning of June for my July 3rd wedding. Do you mind telling me about your experience?  I have slightly sensitive teeth and I'm worried that it will be really painful!
  • Golfer09Golfer09 member
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    When I made my appt I was briefed about the process and was forewarned that some patients do experience discomfort.  This made me extremely nervous - however, the day of my whitening my FI and I went and the technician had us fill out paperwork. 

    If you have sensitive teeth, have them lower the dosage or exposure.  I did notice a difference in how much whiter my teeth were and so did other friends and family so it did deliver as promised.

    We had to adhere to a "white diet" the night of which was a little restrictive and I did experience some sensitivity.  I was told to take an Advil or Tylenol and sure enough that took care of my discomfort.  The next morning everything was fine!

    I would recommend telling the technician that you have sensitive teeth and have them lessen the UV exposure time (essentially I felt that they were "suntanning" my teeth for an hour). 

    Goodluck and don't be too scared - I think I got too worked up about it!
    Our wedding SDE: Our wedding Feature: PW=demo
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    Thanks, golf!
  • ondreaflynnondreaflynn member
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    Thanks, golfer.  I totally just bought one. 
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    I bought one too!  
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