NEVER MAKE A PURCHASE FROM THIS ESTABLISHMENT. They have horrible customer service and are uninformed. They included alterations in the price of my mother in law's dress and when she went in to have it altered, they told her everyone was on vacation- even though the sales person explicitly told her to it would be taken care of it she brought it in by a certain date, which she did. Furthermore, my Maid of Honor, at the guidance of another sales associate, was told to order a dress that was smaller than her size. The sales person said it could easily be altered and that there was enough room for the bust to be let out. She has now been to 3 tailors telling her that she has to have extra fabric removed from the bottom to compensate for the lack of bust fabric. The manager at HOB further said that she could do nothing to help me and that perhaps my maid of honor had "grown" or that she was measured incorrectly. Wow- great customer service. Let's blame the customer for our lack of knowledge, misinformation and poor people skills. Save yourselves- look for another store- Catherine Simms, David's Bridal- anywhere else.


  • ummmmm which one was this at????
  • I called the Aurora one today and that is what they told me (all the semstresses were on vacation). It is crazy! I purchased my dress from the one in Chicago. I went to pick up my dress and try it on. The lady looked at me in my dress and told me that I was to fat for it!! I was in awe!! Now, my issue with them is that I only need 2 simple things done to my dress and the pricing starts off at a flat rate of $380!! Which is crazy!! I hope everything gets better on your end!!
  • I was really wary of ordering my dress through them and luckily it came in right away and I've got it in my possesion cause there is no way I'm pay that much for my alterations.  I had issues with them and the whole Alfred Angelo debacle (which HOB was lying to brides about!).  Luckily I didn't get my girls dresses there!  

    There was a promotion going on when I ordered with a veil and shoe credit which they said I could come back and order, so I go back and they tell me I had to order it that day.  Both the girl I was working with and the lady who checked me out said I could come back and order.  I go back and oh no you're wrong you had to order it that day and there isn't a manager to talk to.  

    Hopefully everything will work out with your dresses and you guys found a good place for alterations!  
  • omg they are terrible. I bought my dress in the size they told me I needed and its super small. 
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  • I ordered my dress at HOB in Schaumburg and didn't have a single problem. I think it is a matter of who you work with. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience!
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  • Schaumburg was awful! Glad I was only a BM. I had problems but the bride had four times as many with them!!!
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  • I, too, am very concerned about the House of Brides.  Very poor service.

    Just two bridesmaid dresses (actually are Mother of Bride gowns) were ordered way back in early September.  It is now February 16 and we do not have them!
    They have been in manufacturer's warehouse in California since at least the first week of January.

    Despite several calls to store, speaking with store manager,promises of return calls,  there appears to be no word as of yet. 

    Very, very disappointing.  I have two nieces and one friend's daughter getting married within next fifteen months, do you think I would even dare to recommned them....NO WAY!

  • I ordered 5 bridesmaid dresses online in December. I had to call to receive an email that said the dresses will be shipped mid-March. Well, end of April, I called again. They said, "We can't pull up your order, we'll have to email you," and sent me the same email saying, "They'll ship mid-March." I called back, furious, and said, you obviously did NOT ship them mid-March, since it is now late April. They again "couldn't call up" my order while I was on the phone and emailed me saying that Dessy will ship the dresses late April. Well, I don't really believe them, and I am afraid the dresses won't get here in time for my wedding. I have called 4 different times and EVERY time they say they can't help me, and then someone emails. You know why? Because they will do ANYTHING to avoid talking to the customer on the phone. They want to lie and not have to answer you in person. They are horrible and I urge everyone to avoid them so they go out of business.
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