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I'm getting anxious because we haven't ordered our invitations yet.  FI's brother is a graphic designer & has offered to design our invites for us.  He did our STD's & they were awesome!  He send us our invite proofs over the weekend & I like them, but I don't love them.  I've sent him several images of styles that I like & that I find interesting, but he didn't incorporate any of the elements that I suggested.  It seems like maybe he didn't think they were good enough.  

He's also pushing us really hard to use letterpress printing & it's more than double what our budget allows.  He says it conveys a sense of occasion & that the quality will speak for itself.

Is letterpress worth it?  
Should I trust the graphic designers opinion over my own?

Sorry for the vent ladies.  I feel like FI doesn't understand.  I've been staying quiet about it, but I'm frustrated.

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    Sorry to hear that you are having these issues!  I understand that family is involved, but IMHO you are the client - if this was a normal business transaction, your FI's brother should take into account your suggestions and try to make you, the client happy.

    If he ignored your suggestions/inspirations, you may just want to bring it up to him asking him why an element didn't work for him and that he ignored it.  He needs to understand that this is YOUR invitation for a life event.

    As for letterpress, there is a reason that letterpress/blind embossing carries a premium charge - it does give a sense of "chic".  Is it necessary?  It depends on your view on paper products....some brides adore all things paper and will splurge on elements like this.  I've seen some invites where a lot of love, and in some cases $ was spent on them.

    Other brides might think that an invitation will eventually get thrown away by guests - so why bother putting all that money into a disposable?  There are no right or wrong answers - it's just a matter of philosophy.

    There are other ways to treat your invitation so it can still convey the "sense of occasion"  - themography printing (where the text has "texture" and is raised....cheaper than letterpress/blind embossing but pricier than "flat" printing), heat embossing, envelope liners, calligraphy.

    With research, you CAN find affordable letterpress.  If your FBIL is doing the design and you just need a printer consider Evanston Print & Paper.  They do letterpress - you just provide the electronic design.  I also know Rohner Press does this too (letterpress).

    If you want to start from scratch and go with another shop for design and print, consider Twin Ravens Press - they do a lot of work with the artist who did my invitation map, Crystal Kluge.  Twin Ravens is based out on the Eugene OR, but I love her work and from what I hear her prices are extremely affordable!  She has a blog so you can check out her work there:

    And of course, I have to plug my invitation vendor, Starshaped Press - she won't print other people's work but I really enjoyed working with Jen - her letterpress prices were extremely good and I really liked that she custom designs all of her invites.

    Good luck and hope you get this all worked out!
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    I would just go order something off etsy. I'm an August bride, too so I understand the timing. While you have a little wiggle room, they do need to be printed and in your hands pretty soon. Although letterpress printing is nice, I have never received a letterpres invitation. I have received maybe 1 or 2 thermography, a handful of professionally printed invites, and a lot of DIY print-at-home on an inkjet kit from Walmart invites.
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    Thank you for the input ladies.  I just emailed him with a few suggestions, so hopefully we can get back on the same page.  I also emailed Rohner about a quote yesterday and asked about letterpress vs thermography.  It sounds like it's a lot more affordable.  
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    I am obsessed with letterpress, however, I just didn't think it was worth it. No one will notice it is letterpressed but your friends who just got married or are getting married in the depth of planning. I bought linen finish paper and printed them myself at home and I think they look really great. Got a lot of compliments on them as well. I'd say skip the letterpress.
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    Letterpress is pricey and maybe he didnt understand your budget. Is the design a gift or a service you are paying for? If you are paying for a service, you have a right to be picky. If its a gift to you then it gets a bit muddy I guess.
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    It's definitely a gift, I think that's why I feel less comfortable expressing my opinion.  
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    I would second the suggestion of Rohner Letterpress.  I used them, and they were great.  Totally responsive, prompt, and friendly.  And cheap!!!  I ended up paying about the same as I was getting quoted for regular printing.
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