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Hi Everyone, I was married on July 31st and wanted to post my vendor reviews!  I saw this on here so many time when I was planning and found it to be very helpful!
Photography: Modern Image Studios (photographer Jeremy) A+
I might be getting  ahead of myself on this one because we haven't seen our final photos yet but this company was great to work with.  We got to pick our photograher by seeing his work and he met with us/worked with us on all the details before our wedding.  Jeremy was so great on the day of the wedding, getting really creative shots and he interacted so well with everyone, he really made us feel comfortable. Plus he showed us the picture as we were going throughout the day and we loved them! Overall, great company to work with!
DJ: Admit 1 DJ's (DJ was Greg, the owner) A
Greg did an amazing job on the night of our wedding.  He really gave us everything we asked for.  They include a pager in the package, so we were able to get him at any point of the night and give requests or make changes.  Our guests all enjoyed the music as well, we got a lot of great reviews. 
Florist: Elegant Blooms A++
The owner Tracey is so great to work with.  I presented my budget to her and she fit everything I asked for into my budget.  The flowers turned out gorgeous and lasted for a long time after the wedding!  Her staff was very professional on the wedding day, you would never know they were there! She was also helpful with some extra stuff at the reception because we were running late on time.  I would highly recommend Tracey, especially if you are on a budget.
Reception: Chateau Bu-Sche, C+
We chose this location beause we fell in love with the look of the atrium and they were affordable.  We loved how everything looked on the day of our wedding and the food was great.  Also the wait staff was very helpful and professional at our reception.  The biggest stress was the planning processing.  They are not very flexible on their rules and we felt like we really could not make it all about what we wanted, and our requests were not anything huge.  Also you don't really work with any one specific person there so you have a hard time getting a straight answer.  Everything has to go through 'management' and management always seemed to tell us no.  The planning process was very frustrating and not being able to get everything we wanted leds to a lower rating.
Hair:  Denise (she works independantly) A++
Denise was so much fun to work with, she helped give me the look I wanted at my trial and it looked even better on my wedding day! She was affordable and came to my house on the day of.  Highly recommend her (
Makeup:  Angel Face Makeup (Marti Spenk) A
I got airbrush makeup done which I have never had before and it turned out great.  I had my intial trial with Marti and then decided to make some changes.  She was so flexible and worked with everything I wanted to do.  My makeup turned out just the way I wanted it on my wedding day.  Marti was very affordable and she came to my house on the day of (I was the only one getting makeup done) and no additional charge for travel.  It was nice working with her because she really listened to what I wanted.
Ceremony Music: Skyline String Quartet  A
We were married in a church and they played all of our music.  They were great to work with as well.  The practiced with our cantors before our ceremony and played all the songs we requested.  They sounded absolutely beautiful!
Attire: Wolsfelts Victorian Bridal  A+
I got my dress (veil and shoes), bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos here.  They were one of the best vendors.  They make you feel very special and important, like a true bride.  Their prices are affordable and they are professional and provide a great service.  They offer discounts if you get multiples things there like we did.  I recommend Andrea as a bridal consultant
Transportation:  Luxus Limos  A
Everything was on time and ran smoothly! I really liked how professional their driver was, he opened the doors for us and had a champagne toast outside our door as we exited the church, totally unexpected! They were a little high on price for four hours, but we were able to use coupons we found in bridal magazines.  It was just nice to have everything run on time!
Cake:  Creative Cakes A+
Tasted amazing and was affordable!  They offer a nice tasting so you can really design the cake how you want.  We designed the entire look of our cake and really did not see the end product until the day of our wedding, it turned out just how we wanted.  They also work with your florist if you are using real flowers, so it takes some of the work out of the process for brides.  They also bake you a fresh top tier on your first anniversary!

Obviously we were very pleased with all of our vendors, feel free to send me a message if you need more info on any of them!  Hope this helps and happy planning to everyone!  Enjoy the time, it goes by fast!

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    edited December 2011
    Congrats on your wedding!! Chateau Bu'Sche was our runner up pick for the reception because of the Atrium, so I can see why you chose it!! :)

    I plan on visiting Creative Cakes!  If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay per slice?  Did you select a day to go in and do a tasting or do they only do tastings on certain days?
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    Thank you! I believe we paid about 3.50 per slice, our cake was buttercream also. And that was for a four tier cake.  If you are looking to save money you can also order a smaller cake from them, with an additional sheet cake to serve all your guests.  The sheet cake just stays in the back and gets cut and served with the rest of the cake when it is time! For a tasting you can just call the bakery and they will schedule a tasting around your availability.    Good luck!
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