Want Knotties' opinions on potential vendors

I've done A LOT of research the past few days on potential vendors for my wedding in June 2011, and I want to see if anyone can relay who they think the best choices may be base on your experiences...

Essence Photo and Video (
Willow Lane Photography (

Town and Country Gardens (

If anyone else has had outstanding service with other vendors, feel free to give recs (as long as they work in the Lake  County-area).

Thanks a bunch!

Re: Want Knotties' opinions on potential vendors

  • princessczprincesscz member
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    We were really happy with our photographer Tasha at  She's extremely talented and a lot of fun to work with.  She's based more in the near west suburbs, but she will travel.
  • netgrl22netgrl22 member
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    For flowers I'm using Town & Country Gardens and have been very happy working with Jamie.  She has great ideas and is very easy to work with.  I've also heard great things about GnG so I think that there's no bad choice between those two.
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    I'm also using Jamie at Town and Country Flowers, she has been great helping me with my vision.. I met with 3 other florists before picking her (GnG was booked on my wedding day so didnt meet with them)
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    I loved working with Gina at GNG!! She was amazing and extremley budget firendly. She takes your ideas and really makes them come to life! And she is super sweet, great with communications, and gives great advice!
  • ladybug7485ladybug7485 member
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    We booked with Gina at GnG. She has been great so far! Also, I don't know if this is the norm for florist but she drafts a proposal and then you can put a deposit down if you want to book her but it doesn't lock you into the proposal it just locks her into your date. For example if you change your mind the month before and only want half the flowers from the original proposal it's fine to change it.
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    I met with Gina from GnG but I didn't get a lot of ideas from her. I was kinda disappointed. We are going with Crystal's flowers and Timothy Whaley photography. We just took our epics with Amber and she was fantastic! We're going to request her to do our wedding pics after we see what she did with the e pics.
    And the whole time, my future husband was in the room...... image image
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    I'm using Kristen from she has EXTENSIVE GALLERIES on- line of all her work, so you can check her out to see if you get any ideas. She can do so many things, really a talented artist, all the work is at the website.

    Kristen has been fun to work with, she visited my venue with me because she had not worked there before and helped me pick my color pallate based on the venue.
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    i am using Mike Belec from Essence.  He already did my engagment pics and I love them.  We also had him recreate some of my sister's senior portraits because the studio her school chose was so expensive.  Those were awesome as well.  Essence is reasonably priced and I have enjoyed my experience so far. 
  • morgie44morgie44 member
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    I think that Essence is fine if you are looking for traditional photos.  My cousin used them for her wedding last year and was wanting photojournalistic shots, which she was made confident that they could do.  The pictures were fine, but there was nothing that really jumped out at me.  She was happy with her pictures... until she saw ours... I think she was a little sad/jealous of ours.  A year later she brings up how she wishes she would have used a different photographer/researched it more.  We used Mthree Studios and love our pictures, but I know she has since raised her rates from when we booked with her.
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    Tasha from Redwall photo is fantastic to work with!!
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    I have several friends that have used Miller and Miller. And their photos were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! You should definitely go with them- you wont be disappointed :)
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