Don't know where to start! (Wedding cake and floers/bouquet)

Hello all! So since I'm super new at this, I dont know where to start or what I should expect. In regards to the bouquet/flowers and wedding cake. I'm trying to be economically conscience but I don't know the first thing about the average cost of wedding cakes and bouquets or flower arrangements.. Can someone educate me a little please?? Thank you!

Re: Don't know where to start! (Wedding cake and floers/bouquet)

  • Our wedding cake was included, so I can't help there, but we payed $1400 for our flowers. Flowers weren't a major concern of ours so we just had very simple/small bouquets with roses/hydrangeas and small centerpieces as well plus we had some vases provided. Here's what we all had:

    14 pew decorations
    aisle runner
    bride bouquet
    6 bm bouquets
    10 boutineers
    3 coursages
    20 centerpieces
  • Wha vendor did you use?
  • kimberose. she will work with whatever budget you have and give you an amazing result. highly recommend her!
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