Out-of-Town Bag Ideas?

This is what I have as some options (I hopefully don't go overboard and get everythingLaughing)

Frango Mints
Garrett Popcorn
Quaker Oatmeal Mars
Bottled Watter
Local Coupons & List of Attractrions & Train Station Locations
Itinerary of Events
Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number
Hand Cream, Soap, Candle
Half-Bottle of Wine
Cheese & Crackers
Gourmet Coffee
Homemade Cookies (or Sudoku)
Welcome Letter

Does anyone have any other cute ideas?  I did read about one that said to wrap a pear, and add a note saying "Thank you for joining us, from your favorite Pear"...any ideas are appreciated!

Re: Out-of-Town Bag Ideas?

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    I have pictures/list of what I put in my OOT bags in my planning bio.
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    Looks like a good list. I had thought about putting hand sanitizer and tissue pakcets in the oot bags.
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    Thanks, girls, I love the idea of the inserts, too.  I have some locations marked on the directions card and on the webite, but to have it once they are here is a greta idea!
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    We had an out of town wedding and put maps of the area in there.  Like you know, little city maps of downtown and people can explore on their own.
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    I am going to included tylenol packets in was recommened to me and i love the idea!
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    We did things that were personal to us as a couple.  While I'm sure that a lot of our guests did not understand the meaning behind everything in the bags, some people did and we did.  In ours, we put:
    2 Quaker Granola bars (manufactured in Chicago and DH eats one every single morning)
    2 bags of Garrett's Popcorn
    2 bags of Beer Nuts (maunfactured in Normal, IL where DH and I met)
    Frango Mints (DH and I's favorite candy and it's made here)
    2 bottles of water with custom labels
    A visitor's guide to the area
    An tri-fold "broshure" containing the itinerary for the wedding day, some cab numbers, a thank you note from us, and a map of the area with the venue, hotels, and some food joints marked out
    Travel Kleenex
    2 travel packs of Aspirin

    We put custom labels on almost everything and it looked super-cute.  Good luck!

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