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My fiance and I are getting married in Evanston next September and we're looking for an affordable florist.  We're on a tight buget since we're paying for most of the wedding ourselves and we're both professional singers.  We don't have any specific flowers in mind but we'd love to get the most bang for our buck and have beaufiful, classic arrangements.  Thanks for the help!

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    Try Flowers by Victoria. Vicky works out of her home in Elgin. I don't think she has a minimum for weddings. She is super sweet and has been really good about working with our budget. She's also been really patient with all the changes I've made.

    There's also Lindsay with Bella Flora. She will come to your home for the consultation or meet at a coffee shop near you if you prefer. She's based in Westmont so it might be a little far but I would double check with her. She is great about offering ideas to help keep costs down and her designs look really pretty. For our flower estimate, her overall price was just a tad more than Vicky.
  • A random suggestion: if you do not find a florist shop that can get within your budget, a lot of florists from large chains (Dominick's, etc.) do side work for weddings.  They order the flowers at cost from a city supplier and do the work in their home. 

    My MOH is also my florist - she worked in the industry for several years and makes amazing arrangments.  She's done a couple weddings for friends that turn out so great and cheap.
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  • Mount Prospect Flowers gave me pricing within $50 of my budget.  They're great.  To save money I'm using submerged flowers.
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  • Flowers by Color is who I used, and she did beautiful work and was very budget friendly. She works from her home so there's no overhead worked in. I was really happy with her flowers.
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  • I looked around and couldn't stomach the cost of professional flowers. So with the help of my grandmother, aunt and MOH, I made the bouquets and bouts/corsages for our wedding. We didn't do floral centerpieces so that made things easier. If you decide to go that route and need advice, feel free to PM me. It really isn't as hard as you'd think.
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  • JEWEL!!  Our flowers...all Calla Lillies...7 Bridesmaids, groomsman, 3 flower girls, etc...etc.  Less than $350!!
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