Morton Arboretum - Ceremony Only??

Has anyone been to/had a wedding where only the ceremony is at the Morton Arboretum? 
I have about 150 guests which will fit fine outside but there doesn't seem to be any affortable backup rooms in case it rains.

I've always dreamed of getting married in the Morton Arboretum but the only solution seems to cut a bunch of people from going to the ceremony. If only I could depend on it not raining Cool

Re: Morton Arboretum - Ceremony Only??

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    Were getting married there this september! On A Sunday. We decided to do ceremony only in the hedge garden, because in order to do a reception, it seemed so expensive and not enough menu choices.

    So we decided on outdoor ceremony at 1:30pm in the Hedge Garden (I think about 150 guests for us), and then our backup in the event of rain is the Abbington, (our reception) which is just down the street!
    They didnt even charge us for the backup, they said you can have it in your ballroom free of charge, or have it in the hallway (though... not sure the # of guests) for $750.

    Definetly check out the Abbington... its beautiful and such a lovely banquet hall. We already had our tasting, and the food is delicious! They give discounts on Fridays and Sundays- 20% off! So our reception is running around $50-60  a person! Perfect!
    I hope that helps!

    Try the hedge garden- they can fit about 200 guests I think...
    You have to pay for chairs though $5 a person...
    Its going to be worth it though!!!!
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