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Has anyone used Weddings by Karolina for full planning (not day of coordinator)?  I would like some reviews on her full planning, if anyone can testify.  Thank you!

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    A lot of girls love her around these parts..I'm sure she'd do a GREAT job for your wedding!
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    I'm actually using Karolina for my day of coordination.  My wedding isn't until September but so far so good!
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    I used Karolina for our wedding, and she was amazing. She has lots of great contacts in the industry. She is soft spoken and detail oriented. See my review on her site under Stephanie and Steven.
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    <span style="font-size:7.5pt;line-height:115%;font-family:'Verdana','sans-serif';">Throughout our time with Karolina, she was very unorganized, forgetting many details that had already been discussed. We spoke to her a few times about her lack of organization, but she didn’t seem to correct it. Karolina may need and assistant as she seems too busy. I wrote out all of the details so she wouldn’t forget and I also provided the venue with a copy as back up. Karolina did not seem comfortable with conversing via phone so it was difficult to reach her. She sent long emails, ignoring our preference of communicating via phone due to our busy work schedule. Karolina’s true lack of organization was obvious during our wedding rehearsal, as she did not know what to do. Everyone was lost because she didn’t bring copies of the ceremony schedule. It was very embarrassing for our wedding party and the venue staff to keep telling us how unorganized, overwhelmed, and how much of an amateur she looked, and how rude she was to them when they asked simple questions. I explained to Karolina that she was unorganized and everyone could see it. She stormed off screaming “I am organized. I am organized”, which was one of the most unprofessional and bizarre moments I have ever experienced. Karolina disappeared many times during our almost THREE hour rehearsal, leaving us to figure things out. She left without apologizing or even saying bye to me. The rehearsal put us behind 2 hours, which forced us to cancel our welcome reception for out of town guests. We had to be the mediator for some issues Karolina and our vendors had. Our makeup schedule was thrown off because Karolina lied about sending the wedding day timeline to our makeup artist. I was very nervous on my wedding day, so I called the venue to ask for help and they informed me that they already began setting up because they saw how the rehearsal went and really wanted to step in and help us. I felt so relieved after speaking with them because they reassured me that everything would go well.</span>

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    [QUOTE]Has anyone used Weddings by Karolina for full planning (not day of coordinator)?  I would like some reviews on her full planning, if anyone can testify.  Thank you!
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