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Alright - here we go:

Jeweler: Ethan Lord - amazing and very reasonable. They custom designed my wedding band and it is beautiful!

Band: Jeffrey Sandler Orchestra. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, these are your guys!! They sounded the best out of all of the bands we researched and cost 2-3k less. In addition, day of our dance floor was packed the entire time. And they only took 1 break even though they were allowed 2. They had a great time and everyone at my wedding could not stop raving about them. They rocked!

Reception Space: Maggiano's downtown - blew everyone away with the space, the food, the service, everything. INCREDIBLE!!!

Photographer: Larry Silverman through TWA - so far so good. he was great all day, but haven't seen my pictures yet.

Makeup - Deanna Naura (Makeup by Deanna) - she was out of this world. It looked incredible and so so so natural. I wear almost no makeup normally, so I was shocked at how beautiful I looked (and how much I looked like myself!!)

Wedding Block - Inn of Chicago. Just don't do it. Go with a chain. It's worth the extra 20 bucks a night each guest will be paying. I would have thought they don't like business the way they dealt with reservations. Many of our guests just abandoned that hotel and went to the Marriot down the street b/c they couldn't get someone on the phone to take their reservation.

Transportation: Windy City - we had buses to shuttle our passengers around which went really well, but the guy we had for the bridal party bus was a disaster. It took him 35 minutes to drive the 10 minutes to my church. I was a mess. Then he had a lot of problems "finding" places even though we gave them all of the addresses in advance. Don't you think they would have researched a route?!?!

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