Florist Budget *** How much?? ****

For a wedding party of 10 people plus parents and around 200 guests what should be a decent budget amount.  I 
Just trying to figure out what we should budget for our florist.


Re: Florist Budget *** How much?? ****

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    I have around the same, except our guest list is closer to 150.  Our budget was around $2,000, and if we had regular sized tables, that would have worked out, but now it is closer to $2,250 (instead of the regular 8-10 ppl, they only fit 6-8 ppl) .  However, it really depends on the flowers you use...the more seasonal, the less expensive.  Talk to your florist.  We are using Kristin from Kio Kreations, and many knotties would agree that she is very open to working with your budget, and has great ideas...HTH!
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    I would say you could probably budget $1500.  But it totally depends on what you want.

    We have 8 attendants, 3 mothers, 2 fathers, and my bouquet.  We have ceremony flowers (2), possibly 20 small centerpieces, and possibly 6 pomanders for my aisles.  We have 229 invited. 
    I am hoping to spend about $1300 ish.

    I hope that helps.

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    pajarito81pajarito81 member
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    I have 8 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen, 200 invites @ 20 tables for around $3000, that includes are centerpieces, aisle runner, and ceremony arrangements at the church, 2 Mothers, 1 father, 2 grandfathers, 1 grandma. and also a small delivery fee.
    Mrs. F 9-18-10
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    aparada15aparada15 member
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    I came in at $1085 for everything.

    11 attendants, my bouquet, Fi's Bout., flowers for both sets of parents and grandparents, 20 centerpieces. Some of the centerpieces are simple hydrangea bouquets, others are carnation spheres. My bouquet will have peonies and orchids. BMs will have hydrangea bouquets. MOH will have peonies. Roses for parents and bouts for GMs. My Fi will have an orchid as his bout. We did not get church flowers to cut costs. We also saved money by using the bridal party bouquests as decoration for the head table.

    We are using Designs by Guzzardo in Roscoe Village. Love them!

    Best of luck!
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