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Hi Ladies,

After reading a post on my month board about how this woman's husband put her e-ring on his keychain to bring it to work to have it cleaned, but by the time he got to work, it disappeared. THey have no idea where it went. Also, something similar happened at our very own wedding I thought it would be a good idea to post this as a reminder!

One of my hubby's best friend's fiance was at our wedding reception, and went to the bathroom, took her ring off to wash her hands, and left it on the sink. When she realized it, she went back to the bathroom, and it was GONE. She told the people at the venue and notified our DJ so he could make an announcement but it didn't turn up.When I said to her, "you had insurance, right" her response was "No.". GET YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING INSURED!!! It is NOT the responsibility of your fiance/husband to do this; it sits on YOUR finger and you are responsible for that ring - which means you should get it insured!

Sorry, rant over, but I am so sentimental about my ring and personal things, that I would be devastated if I lost it or if something happened to it - but I at least have the peace of mind that it is insured.

Anyhow, I called the venue the next day (to thank them for everything) and the manager asked me if the girl found her ring, and I told her she had not; they said they were going to go through their garbage bags from the ladies room and see if they can find it.

Morale of the story: get those sparkly things on your left hand, 4th finger insurrrrrrred!
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Re: Ring Insurance!

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    Agreed!!! I'm already so paranoid about losing or having my ring stolen as is, having insurance helps me feel a little less paranoid..
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    Yikes, how sad for her :(  I hope they find it!
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    Yeah and dont forget your wedding bands too once you have those!
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    oh no :(  i hope they find it! 
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    it's true.  you don't think you'll lose those beautiful things....but it happens.  I've already managed to lose one of the earrings my H gave me for a wedding gift.  somewhere between St. Lucia & unpacking.  I was sick!  But they're on our insurance, so after we make a claim & pay the deductable...I'll get a new pair... (but Im still sad cause Im just sentimental like that.)

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