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Hello everyone,

I know people have posted a million and one DJ questions but I'm going to give it a go again :)

I'm looking for a good DJ around or under 1K.  I was really looking forward to doing STyle Matters but they are booked for our date :(  We have met with Sounds Abound and Music By Design.  Please let me know if you have any experience with these two companies or if there is anyone you would reccommend besides them.


Re: DJ under 1K!

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    Style Matters is our DJ but in the course of our search we interviewed with Cage & Aquarium and DJ Chicago.  We really liked Cage & Aquarium but they were priced slightly higher than Style Matters (then again, we were getting quoted holidy rates for our NYE wedding). 

    DJ Chicago was just "ok" for us - very friendly, but I felt like they would have played what we would have asked but wouldn't "spin" for us which is what we wanted.

    I also inquired with Toast & Jam (who wouldn't be able to guarantee a DJ since I had inquired quite early) and Fig Media (who were really expensive).  Hope this helps!

  • Hey!

    We interviewed 5 or 6 DJs, including Music by Design and Sounds Abound. Overall, we were not impressed by Music by Design bc they were very pushy, but I know many pp have used them and have loved them. And Sounds Abound couldn't guarantee for under 1K.  We ended up with Chicago Mobile DJs and have been very happy so far, especially with the price ($750 for 5 hrs).

    Good luck with your search!
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    An Enchant Evening and double Platinum are two DJ's we interviewed. Both where just over 1K and both where for an unlimited amount of time. The unlimited amount of time was a nice feature we liked.
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    We had looked at 3 companies before booking. They all we're in our budget, but each one was a little different than the other. Our DJ we hired is $795 for 6 hours, all though our reception is only 5 1/2 long. We got upgraded to his top package. We thought it was a good price. They have been really great so far and Tim is our DJ. Nice guy and fun. They came recommended to us from a co worker who used them for her wedding. the company is called answer back entertainment. They also own a video company so we got a discount for getting both.
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    We booked Enchanted Evening.  They are just under $1,000 and what we liked about them is they have no time limit...they will play during cocktail hr, dinner, and then the dance. 
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    We booked Don from XL Entertainment based out of NW IN. I don't remember off hand exactly how much it was, but definitely less than $1000.
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    Beep media is another one on the list too.
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    Ditto XL Entertainment... did my sisters two years ago and was great, doing mine soon :)
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    All the companies suggested would be excellent.  My personal preference would be to go with Ken over at Sounds Abound.  He's a great and honest guy who runs an amazing business.  You can't go wrong with Sounds Abound.  (This coming from another DJ).

  • barbbhowwbarbbhoww member
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    We booked Lou from Midwest Productions for 795.  From the minute i talked to him I knew he'd be a good fit.  we'll see after  april!
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    We are using Windy City Mix.  We got an all inclusive with unlimited hours for under 1K.  He is very nice and gives out tons of advice and suggestions.  Although we did book them a while ago so i dont know if anything has changed.

    Good luck!

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    I'm not sure where you are located, but we went with All Access DJ out in Elgin. They had a lot of good packages and we're paying $795 for the whole night and were given a free lighting package.

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