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Need a winter wedding venue in Chicagoland - ideas?

Hey ladies, I need some suggestions!

My fiance and I were really looking forward to a fall 2011 wedding, but the Army decided to get in the way and he is being deployed to Afghanistan until October 2011.  We have decided to wait a few months after he gets home before having the wedding so he can get reacclimated to being home after 400 days away, but we don't want to wait all that long, so that puts us into mid-late winter.  We are looking at a late January date. 

We both like the idea of a winter wedding, but only if we can find a cozy, almost cabin atmosphere.  We have already checked out Starved Rock Lodge, and while it was a little smaller than we were led to believe from the pictures online, we really loved it.  The problem: we live in the NW burbs (as does a majority of our family) and some people (especially my parents) have raised concerns about travelling two and a half hours in the (often unpredictible Chicago) winter to our wedding. 

This is where I need your help!  Does anyone have any suggestions for a venue that is moderately priced, can fit at least 150 people, and that fits our idea of a rustic, cabin winter wedding? 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have!


Re: Need a winter wedding venue in Chicagoland - ideas?

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    In terms of moderately priced, to be honest, getting married in late January opens up doors you might currently be overlooking----venues will offer deep discounts at that time of year!

    We are also in the NW suburbs....,if you were more specific it might help a bit.  There is not a lot of cabin-esque facilities out this way but many may fill your need in tems of country-esque or old world.  Independence Grove in Libertyville, Kemper Golf in Long Grove or Mackray Golf or Onion Pub in Barrington are very pretty and non-contemporary.  Lake County Museum may have something more toward what you are looking for (Wauconda), or perhaps Beach State Park.  There may also be venues in the McHenry area that are more to your liking, or off toward the "North Shore" ala Lake Forest or Fort Sheridan.  Again, if you could be more specific, we literally scoured the NW suburbs before selecting our venue, so we are happy to offer suggestions. 
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    PS....Happy 4th to you and your fiance......and please let him know he is very much appreciated for his service and dedication to our country!
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    Check out Thunderhawk Golf Club...It fits that description very well....
  • MrsPapsMrsPaps member
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    Chandlers in Schaumburg...it's on the golf course and the big ballroom has beautiful exposed wood. I love it and really wanted to have our reception there but we chose another place instead.
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    I'm getting married on the 29th of January and found AMAZING deals on all aspects of our wedding.  There is no way we could have booked our venue (Gaslite Manor) any other time of year.  Same with the DJ and photographer.  Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the input!  We are checking into a few of those suggestions.  We really want to have this nailed down before he leaves next month, so we are willing to look at any suggestions.

    @mobkaz :  Specifically, we are far NW 'burbs.  The central location of both of our families is Crystal Lake, so we are hoping to find something within 45 miles of that.  Thanks for all your suggestions.  While the timing of the wedding was decided due to his deployment, the winter discounts are a huge plus.  We both aren't HUGE fans of winter, but have decided that if we can find something cozy and warm (the only part of winter we actually enjoy), we could embrace the winter wedding idea.  Also, thanks for your kind words.  We really appreciate them. 
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    edited December 2011

    I had no idea that the area you were looking in was farther west than I consider the "NW" suburbs......however---to that end...

    The Woodstock Opera House is available for weddings.  Something VERY new and different that may appeal to you is Starline Factory in Harvard, IL.  The last train from Chicago literally ends there---so anyone close enough to pick up the line has instant and worry free transportation.  It is hosting its first wedding at the end of this month (a friend of mine) so it is relatively unknown right now.  An artist who books at various galleries described it this way:

     Another great space I have shown at on the edges of Chicagoland is the Starline gallery in Harvard, IL. It was a factory and has been converted to galleries and studios. Although it has the open, cathedral space of an art museum, this is mitigated by the warmth and earthiness of the brick, and the heaviness of the beams that were used to hold large pieces of equipment at one time.

    I honestly have no personal interest/inventment whatsoever---just thought of it when you mentioned Crystal Lake.

    Good luck!
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    We are getting married Jan 8 2011 at Victoria in the Park...new and beautiful! can't wait..also got a good discount for the wedding...couldn't afford this place otherwise. Good luck

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