Hey ladies,
I am sure this has been talked about a thousand times...

What are you tipping the following? or what did you tip the following:

1. Photographer?
We are feeding him and he is the owner. We were thinking $50.

2. Florist?
Everything I have read says tip per delivery location... There would be 3 ($10 each? = $30.00)

3. DJ?
We are not feeding him, we were thinking $100

4. Officiant donation?
We aren't sure he is coming to the reception yet, but $50.

5. alterations?
? any?

anything I am missing?

Of course, assuming they do a great job!

Thank you ladies!


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    I've heard that you don't generally tips vendors who are the owners of their business (like your photographer).  Instead a nice thank you note and offering to serve as a reference for their services is greatly appreciated.

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    ZelloZello member
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    Hey Danielle!

    If these general rules are true, then man, we tipped too much!  I wish I had known them.  This is what happened with us:

    Officiant:  No actual tip, It was a donation to the church.  We gave $100.  He and his wife came to the reception. 

    Photographer:  $100, and we fed her.

    DJ: $100, and we fed both him and the assistant.

    Florist:  $100, he delivered to the church and reception hall and set up all the flowers at the reception hall. 

    Alterations:  I tipped an extra $20, although I'm not sure you have to.

    All our vendors are the owners of their own business.  I have also heard that you don't have to tip the owners, but also that that this sentiment has gone by the wayside.  You need to do what you feel is right in relationship to the service you received.  I think any monetary tip or a heartfelt thank you would be appreciated. 

    HTH!  Wow-getting down to the wire!

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    Do you have hair and makeup people to tip?
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    I was in such a great mood the day of my wedding and was so happy with everything that I ended up stuffing more money into my tip envelopes than I originally intended. As a result, I don't remember exactly how much I tipped everyone, but I think it was something like this:

    Hair/makeup: about 20% (same as planned)
    Photographer: $120 (planned for $100)
    DJ: $60 (planned for $50)
    Florist/DOC: $160 (planned for $100)
    Harpist: $75 (planned for $50)
    Officiant: $75 gift certificate and a thank you card (same as planned - he's a friend and would not let us pay him anything)

    While some people believe that it's not necessary to tip vendors who own the business, I am of the camp that it shouldn't matter at all. I believe tipping should be to show appreciation for good service, and not based on assumptions about how much of the original bill that person will be paid.
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    Thank you ladies!
    I do have a hair and makeup person, but she included tip in the price which works for me!!  It is one of my BMs sister in law.

    We will just do what feels right.

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    jbll326jbll326 member
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    Sorry I'm late with this, but just wanted to add my 2 cents about tipping owners. I'm with Raeyn on this and I do not at all understand where that theory of not tipping owners came from. Whether they own the business or not, they are the ones putting their time, effort, and resources into making your wedding day perfect and should be tipped according to the quality of their service, just like anyone else. All of my vendors are the business owners and I will be tipping them at the going rates, assuming they all do a great job as I expect. I think it's inconsiderate and tacky not to  
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    I think the theory behind not tipping when using someone that owns their own company is because they keep all the profit already. If they work for a company, then they get some and the company gets some. (sometimes like a 50/50) I'm not saying that you shouldnt over compensate for a job very well done. Its just my view. 
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