What's needed at the DMV

I'm in the process of changing my name and was wondering what documents are needed at the DMV.  Do I need my new social security card or just a copy of my marriage certificate.

I have copies of my marriage certificate and today I went to the social security office and did the paperwork to change my name.  They told me a new social security card would be mailed out within 2 weeks.

Now I'm looking at the DMV website and it says I'm supposed to get a new driver's license within 10 days of changing my name (and also change the title on my car).  I'm confused over what documentation I need.  In one section of the website it says I need a marriage certificate (which I have) but another place says I need identification with my new name on it (such as the SS card I don't have yet).

If you've already changed your name, could you tell me what you actually needed?

Re: What's needed at the DMV

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    I was married previously back in 2007 and if I'm not mistaken, I believe I had to bring both the marriage certificate and the social security card. 

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    I waited until I got my new SS card in the mail (it took about 5 business days).

    I took both the new SS card and the marriage license but they really only looked at the SS card.
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    I just went and got mine changed a couple weeks ago. I only brought in my marriage license and that was all they needed.

    I was confused about this as well, so I called the Secretary of State's office and they told me just the marriage license was needed.
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    I as well finished changing my name in December, I had done my ss first and they were surprised at the DMV when I presented it with my marriage certificate..
    All you need is your marriage certificate.
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    I've only done my SS so far.  I haven't had time to go to the DMV!  But I was planning on taking both the SS card and the marriage certificate when I do.

    A friend of mine was able to do her license before her SS card by just showing her marriage certificate.
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