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Are gifts for the parents only a must if they help pay for the wedding?  If you've decided to give a gift to your parents,  what are you giving them?

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    I don't think parent gifts are mandatory, but they are a nice gesture regardless of a financial contribution. For me, my parents supported me their entire lives(financially, emotionally, etc), so it's kind of thanking them for the person I am today sort of thing, too. But a nice card would be just as meaningful if money is tight. 

    We got our parents Waterford crystal 8x10in frames. They loved them! We figure they can use them for a family picture from the wedding, or whatever they want. 

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    Both sets of our parents contributed somewhat to our wedding. My FI hand made his 3 GM and both dads fishing poles. I got our 2 moms a brooch (which now I am reconsidering giving because the brooches don't match any of their dresses!), an engraved personalized picture frame for each set of parents, a puzzle for my mom and a book for his mom, we will give both parents an album after the wedding, and b/c I'm the only girl I wanted something small to get my mom and dad as this is the only time they will be "mother and father of the bride" so I got personalized magnets from zazzle for saying MOB, FOB, MOG and FOG. And we are giving each of them a thank you card. After our bridal shower I sent each mom some flowers as a thank you. I think that's about it. =)
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    We are doing gifts for the parents but they won't be identical.  At the rehearsal dinner we are going to give them their gifts which will be personalized handkerchiefs for all of them and then a card that tells them that we will be buying them each an album of wedding photos.  We will also probably do gift cards for a date night or something (dinner and a movie on us).  

    After the wedding we will be getting my parents an extra present.  They are paying for the entire rehearsal and gave us our honeymoon to Greece so we are going to buy something for one of our houses over there.  The house is getting old and needs up additions so we may have a new A/C unit installed or buy them a new bed.  
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    Both of our parents contributed a little bit towards our wedding.  But, I think even if they didn't, we still would have bought them gifts. 

    We bought the dads personalized cigar holders, the moms personalized embroidered hankies, and a gift card to each set of parents to their favorite restaurant.  We also told them we'd be giving them some sort of album after the wedding.

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    I love the idea of giving them a card with gift card and telling they'll be getting an album with the photos.  Thanks ladies!!
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