Galleria Marchetti

Is anyone having their wedding here/been to a wedding here?

I'm interested in looking into it but haven't heard much about it.  


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    One of my best friends married here in July 2008. The food was really amazing and memorable. She did her ceremony in the grassy area next to the Pavilion Tent where she hosted her reception. The only two negatives I can think of were: 1.) People were pouring sweat and uncomfortable because it was almost 90 degrees that July Day and no air conditioning. 2.) There is a CTA rail right above the grassy area that can be used for cocktails and ceremony. Not too pretty...I think one of the Top Chef episode challenges were at this venue if you want to try to find that online to see more pics. 

    I would definitely check it out in person....we all remember her wedding being very beautiful.
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    We checked it out as an option for our wedding, but ultimately went with Fulton's on the River as you received more "bang for your buck".  If you're looking for a Saturday wedding and to have it in the tent it's a 12k minimum food/beverage spend. 

    Ditto on the CTA and also the highway noise.   Not the best for the ceremony, however the reception site is amazing!
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    Yes, I checked it out, and the CTA being so visible turned me off...
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