Dress Has Not Arrived, When to Go Plan B

Despite telling myself not to freak out yet, I am.  I ordered my wedding dress on November 16th for my July 23rd wedding.  It still hasn't arrived!  I'm 57 days away from my wedding and will need alterations!  I called the bridal store and was told the owner is out of town until June 7th, but they are having shipping problems.  Despite all my questions, the lady could not help me any further or confirm a delivery date until the owner returns.  The dress was designed by the owner, so I don't even have a manufacturer I can call.  

At what point to I find a plan B?  How long will alterations usually take?  Any suggestions?  

Re: Dress Has Not Arrived, When to Go Plan B

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    Do you already have an alterations person lined up? I would start there, that way, they will know the situation and can make time to do your alterations quickly. Mine took about a month to 5 weeks, but I wasn't in a hurry. If you don't have anyone, book them now!

    As far as the dress goes, I guess I would wait until June 7th, then find out what is really going on. If you start looking for another dress now or in a few weeks, your options will be the same as far as what you can buy (samples or off the rack only).

    Yikes, good luck! Hopefully it is just a little miscommunication:)
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    Ditto Steph.

    My dress came in later than I thought it would too. My alterations are taking a few weeks, but that's only b/c it's one lady running her own business. I think it all depends on where you take your dress to for alterations.

    I do think that you need to talk with the owner first and then go from there.

    Steph is right, no matter what happens at this point you won't be able to order a new dress. You will need to buy off the rack, which is perfectly fine! Don't freak out yet. Shipping problems are better than manufacturing problems.
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    Ditto to pps.

    You do still have time for alteration after June 7th.  My wedding is the day after yours and I just went in for my first fitting...

    But good luck...

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