Are you riding with the bridesmaids and groomsmen from the church to the reception or are you taking a separate vehicle?  Are you having the dates/spouses of the members of the wedding party ride with you from the church to the reception? 

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    We included our wedding party in the limo. We also included some of my DH friends that were dropped off so that they didn't have to worry about drinking and driving. They took a cab home from the reception.
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    We only had our BP in our trolley, but in all honesty, would could have easily had their spouses. The Trolley fits 36 people. Then again, in the heat, it may have been a bit too much since we had 23 people in our BP. There's no AC.
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    We are riding with BP member and their dates.

     I think if you are driving directly from the church to the reception, it might not be necessary to include BP dates, depending on the car situation. but if you're driving around in a party bus and taking pictures, it would be nice to include the dates. 
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    The boys are riding in one black limo and the girls (bridal party) are riding in a white limo to the church.  After the wedding, all the bridal party are taking a trolley together for pictures.

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    Our bridal party is riding together to the reception
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    We are renting an executive coach bus that fits 32 so its enough for our bridal party and their dates(most are all from out of town) and FH and I are looking into renting our own vehicle for just us right after the church.
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