(now with photos ) I said Yes to a dress ! ... and now I think I just rushed in

Hi all! I had the most awesome experience Saturday. My bridesmaids and I went dress shopping and I had an appointment with Randy Fenoli!!! He was so amazing, exactly what I expected and how he is on his shows. Genuine and caring. Energetic but calmin. Love that man!

It was a consultation appointment, so I went in tried on dresses and showed him my favorites. Well problem was is it was PACKED in there! So busy and I only found one dress. It made me cry as soon as I put it on, but I'm thinking because I was relieved I found one to show him.

Anyhow its a super long story but, I said yes, and now I'm thinking I still want a more fit to flare or mermaid shape with something of interest at the bottom.(what I was trying to find, but that they didn't have in my size, so I could only show an a-line) 

My dress is gorgeous and the fabric is luxe, but its not what I had wanted. So I'm going back this Saturday (my birthday, hopefully it'll bring luck) and decide to stick with my order or go with another dress. Here are a couple of pics. You'll notice I have a different sash over top. (didn't like the one that came with the dress)


Randy with the finishing touch!

This is this more like the shape I want:


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Re: (now with photos ) I said Yes to a dress ! ... and now I think I just rushed in

  • Pics don't show up...repost again if you can.
  • Wow! So jealous you got to have Randy as your dress consultant. I would be star struck, and can see why you would feel the pressure to find a dress. Did you go to Kleinfelds in NY?? :-)
  • I was star struck too! I kept tearing up LOL (granted, I had almost passed out two hours earlier because I hadn't had anything to eat ... blood sugar took a dive while we were in a hot, small, dressing room at a very rude shop. It was bad and I was still recovering)

    Sorry the pics are sideways, TK needs a photo editor like Facebook.
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  • I know!! The knot is behind on its technology for sure! Maybe could you alter the dress you already bought to be more fit and flare? It looks really similar..... U look very pretty!
  • I went by myself dress shopping and found a gown I loved.  Several times over the course of waiting on my wedding I totally second guessed myself.  But every time I put it back on I knew immediately I loved it and I made the right choice.  I think you will know as soon as you put it back on!  Good luck.  You look beautiful in it!

  • You lucky duck you got Randy!!! Both dresses look amazing on you, but like pp said, you most likely could alter the second dress to be more fit and flare. I'm sure Vera could do it or any seemstress worth her salt could pull in the dress around the thighs to fit you closer to your shape.  Again you look amazing and trying it on again will definitely help you make the right decision. Best of luck to you and enjoy the process :-)

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