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Hello Knotties -

FI & I are getting married at Olowalu in August.
Just wanted to see if any brides have advice on whether or not you used a ceremony mic system? Was this something you paid extra for or you were able to have your DJ do?

Of course we are trying to be mindful of budget... So I'm trying to figure out how to cut on this cost (quoted at $400-500 from our WP). We are expecting a large group ~ 100 guests, so I'm not sure if that would change your thought.

Any advise would be appreciated!


Re: Olowalu - ceremony mic system

  • I would definitely get a mic system.  100 guests is a lot -- at least 10 rows deep if you sit 5 on each side of the aisle.  Even in a quiet room, that would be a long distance to cover.  Then add waves & wind & your voice cracking or fading due to emotion ... you definitely want people to be able to hear the ceremony.

    Our DJ brought wireless lapel mics for the officiant and DH.  My voice carried just fine through the officiant's mic.  Have you asked for options that might be cheaper, including a handheld mic, etc?  I don't remember how much ours was -- I think it was inclluded in the Ceremony sound (music, etc).  I think you'll find the cost worth it though -- I'm always sad when I can't hear a ceremony at someone's wedding, and it's so much more important than flowers & other decor.
  • I would suggest a mic as well.  Our DJ provided wireless mics for my hubby and the pastor.  My voice carried through my husband's voice.  Which made it so much better to be heard over the waves and the breeze for our guests and the wedding video.  For us it was a $100 extra.
  • I agree with Lyn & Tanq, totally a necessity with the waves & breeze. 
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