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Inviting parts of families

We are only inviting adults to our reception. We do have some single young adult friends that we are inviting as well (because that's what we are currently until we get married). My parents are good friends with a couple that have 3 children so we are inviting the parents. The older 2 children are both in their 20s and friends of mine so they'll be invited as well. Also, the older of the 2 is getting married a week after we are and we are invited so of course she is invited. The youngest is a son, probably about 11 years old. He probably has no interest in attending my wedding and will have to spend all day at a wedding the following week. I don't really know him or vice versa. If we invite him, he will be one of the only kids there. Is it OK not to invite him although we are inviting the entire family?

Re: Inviting parts of families

  • Are they local? 

    If the family has to fly to Hawaii and you need them to leave the 11 year old at home or find a local sitter, I would say that not inviting the 11 year old will likely result in the family not attending.

    If they are local, it's still weird to invite everyone in the family except one person, even if he is 11.  I figure 11 is mature enough to not be in the way or inappropriate or fussy, but also mature enough to not be there.  Any idea how the family would feel?  I'm not a parent so I can't say how offended I would feel.  I guess it depends how many other kids you are not including.  If he's the only kid either way, just invite him.  If you have to cut out a bunch of other children, then you'll have to apologize to them and be prepared for them to be disappointed.
  • I would definitely invite them just out of courtesy. Especially if you are friends with the 2 oldest and know the parents well enough to invite them (albeit its due to your parents being friends.)

    I don't have any brothers or sisters, so I was never put in that situation, but I think I would feel awkward if I had 3 children and 2 out of the 3 got invited as well as my hubby and I, I dont know how I would explain it to my child. I mean they could pass it off as "adults" only and not share the info with the child, but I think it would be nice to invite the entire family in general.
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  • I agree that you may want to invite the 11 year old if you're inviting the whole family. Especially if they are coming from outofstate like a previous poster said. You can tell the family the situation about not being any other kids there so that they can decide whether he should come or not, but at least extend an invitation to him since you are inviting the entire family.
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  • Yeah, I'd invite everyone, otherwise what would they do with the kid?
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