Paul Brown Makeup?

Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions, experience with the makeup artists at the Paul Brown salons in Hawaii?  We have our engagement pictures next week, and I was just going to wing it with a free makeup trial at Sephora or the like, but now I want something a little more professional.  I used to get my hair cut at Paul Brown, but dont have any experience with their makeup services.  TIA!

Re: Paul Brown Makeup?

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    My coworker had her hair and makeup done at PB in Kailua for her wedding and was very happy with it.  I'm thinking of doing the same but am still waiting on a price quote.

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    Awesome - do you happen to know who did her makeup?  I read a recommendation for Ashley (at the Kailua location) somewhere, I cant recall where I saw that now.  If I got the PB route, I would most likely go to the Kailua location since its closest to my Mom's house.

    I probably would have used them for my wedding too, if I had thought about it sooner :(  I didnt realize all they offer until now - my prior experiences had only been for the standard haircut, and my favorite stylist has since left.

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    She didn't remember the names of either of her stylists, but she said the manager there hooked her up with a good deal.  Maybe if your mom or FMIL need H&M for the wedding you can work out a good package!
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