Non-Pro Pictures - Finally!!!

Here are a few of my favorites so far.  I'm just glad to actually see some!

Re: Non-Pro Pictures - Finally!!!

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    yea! So glad you were able to post a couple pics from your day! I cant wait to see the rest! CONGRATS
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    Cool, I figured out that if I click on your photos, I can see them closer up!  What a beautiful couple you and DH are!  What a beautiful FAMILY!  Congrats!!!
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    Is it terrible that I love the shot of him grabbing your butt?

    Also, Sandy, you're gorgeous! As pretty as your siggy pic is (and don't think I'm saying it isn't - it IS), I don't think it does you justice.
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    You look so beautiful, love the dress!  And you have such a lovely family!  congrats! 
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    What a gorgeous family.  I love that you all look so happy!

    And can I just say - your figure is amazing!  I thought only famous ppl could pull off dresses like that.  Apparently some real ppl can, too.  :)
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    Thanks so much for all of the kind words.

    Alyson - You crack me up about the butt!!  A friend pointed it out to me before I even noticed that about the picture, so maybe that's why I like it so much lol.    Thanks so much for the compliments.  I always say I clean up well lol. Not bad for almost 40! LOL

    Carrie - you are so sweet! Thank you. It's called the stress of having a 3 year old LOL.  I honestly lost about 5 pounds the first 4 days we were in Hawaii before the wedding because our son was just out of sorts and out of control.  I can now see why people have children AFTER they get married lol.
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    I agree with Alyson and Carrie: you look stunning and you are rocking that dress. Congrats again!
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    I'm a late chimming in...Sandy you look amazing!! I love your pics and can't wait to see more.  Ditto on the pic with your DH grabbing your butt...that's priceless and LOVE! LOL!
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