'cause I keep wanting to call you ejenjoo rather than your new screen name!How are things? Is your DH all better? How's work going?

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    You're so sweet, thanks for asking.  DH is all better, and we are trying to capitalize on his weight loss by going on brisk walks in the evening. We realized that we either "worked out" on a day or not, but all the health experts say adults should have at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise (like brisk walking) 5 times a week.  We realized that in our attempts to lose weight, working out (like more strenous exercise) was sometimes such a daunting task that we ended up not doing anything - and as a result getting less exercise than what is recommended even for like senior citizens.  So we are going to do the walks cuz they are so easy, and hopefully build in the regular workouts as well.  It was surprising to see so many families out walking just like us.  Even a family with 2 junior high-aged kids, all 4 of them walking.  It was sort of sweet.Man, I just read over that, and I use the word "like" too much.  Work is okay - not exactly my passion or something I get up in the morning looking forward to going to.  But I guess I will figure out the career thing in due time.  I'm so interested in your book-writing!  DH actually moved to LA to pursue writing (for tv, features, etc. - won some screenwriting awards but nothing ever came of it), and sometimes he and I joke about writing a book together.  I wish I had the imagination to write fiction!  Or at least the skill to write a good memoir or something.That's great that both you and FI write.  Anyways, that's the brief (my version of brief) update, hope you are well!!!  Your wedding is so soon, I can't believe it.NWR - we are all awaiting with bated breath to read your book, even a brief portion!  (I still want to read the childhood kaesha book too!)
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