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Hey! I read on your bio/website about how you feel like a fraud for not having a special moment when finding "the" dress! I feel the SAME WAY! The one I am getting felt like every other dress I tried on - it was the reaction from my mom and MOHs that really sold me on it. They said it looked like it was made for me. I didn't "love" it until I saw how it looked on me in pictures vs. ones I thought I "loved". To be honest, I'm not sure any one dress would satisfy all my dreams of a "perfect dress", but the one I found is awesome! So it will do :) (I'm so easy haha). Your dress looks great btw! Just thought it was comforting to find someone who feels the same way I do!

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    Thanks Aubrey.. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that felt like that. I'm not one to easily fall in love with dresses or clothing (shoes are completely different). I must have gone through thousands of pictures on line, tried on dozens of dresses. And I was ready to settle for anything that was "good enough." At one place the sales lady in one of the places even made a comment saying it showed on my face that I didn't think I would find anything (how sad is that). But I am thrilled that I found one that I love (which is still scary to myself that I could "love" a dress that much). haha - I don't even look at other dresses anymore. 
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