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Hey ladies-Sorry it has been awhile since I posted last... I had to go back and read all of the new posts!! Man was I behind! I thought of a favor idea... as some people know I am getting married in Hawaii but also having an at home reception for those I am not inviting to the wedding. (you know trying to keep it small 10 people or less at this point!) Anyways... I live in New Mexico and it is really really hot here in the summers when my FI and I are going to have our reception! So candy and cookies were out! I saw some of those inspration rocks somewhere and thought to myself wow that is a good idea! I was also trying to make my centerpieces mix with the favors to save money! So I am going to have a clear tray with a bucket filled with sand and a shovel then also have  sand surrounding it and these little rocks that I am making surrounding that... they are just river rocks that you can get at any craft store. We choose the black and white rocks and on them I am painting words that relate to love, such as love, life, forever. happy, etc. I am painting them in contrasting colors with red hearts above them or plam trees painted on them. Then I am going to stick a magnet on the back of them so people can put them on their fridge! I thought that it would work better because of the heat! Anyways that was my new DIY project so that was fun... well I should say that I am still doing it because I have to make over 200 of these little things... I figured everyone to have 2. :) Is that to much? What are you doing for your favors?? How many are you having? Making them yourself or buying them?Have a good day!

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    For our AHR, we had 2 favors.  One was home made white chocolate pieces in the shape of seashells.  The other one was a origami lotus thing .. it's sorta hard to describe.  It's an origami lotus with a string attached through it so you can hang in your car or wherever..
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    I think one is more than fine, especially if you run out of time to do that many!
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