Knottie Exchange - Thanks, Inamra!!!

Hey Hanyi,I got your package last week, but they just gave me a slip to pick it up at the post office - finally was able to yesterday!Thanks so much for the amazingly yummy chocolates (carmelizing and chocolate!! such a good idea!) and the wine glass!  It's always good to have another glass to drink wine from, right?  And I don't have to worry about breaking the stem on a casual night when I'm the only imbiber.Here are PIPs!Her NoCal theme:the glass mentions San Jose, CA, and even the chocolates are local!  The pic is one she took a while ago - the Golden Gate bridge is so beautiful - from my favorite city in the U.S.!local chocolates:and carmelizing and covering in layers of chocolate!!  So yummy on the great hazelnuts! (sorry for the blurry pic):sorry, I have no idea how to make the pics smaller.Thanks again, Hanyi!  Looking forward to seeing you soon!
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