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Escort Card Question

So for those of you that are serving a plated dinner how are you going to distinguish who has what meal?

I have seen this done a few different ways I think I am going to Opt for small stickers on the bottom of the cards.

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    I don't have multiple meals for everyone, but at weddings I have attended they usually had a different colored sticker under the escort cards to distinguish who had what and the waiter/waitress came around and took the number of plates down.
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    We are using ribbon. We will punch a hole at the top corner of the person's place card, tie the ribbon into a pretty bow, and the different colors will distinguish what meal the person has. for example:

    purple ribbon = stuffed chicken
    ivory ribbon = salmon
    silver ribbon = vegetarian

    This way, it is cute, it ties in with our color scheme, looks like it is actually part of the place card, and still identifies the meal choice.

    The last wedding I went to used really tacky kindergarten looking smiley face stickers. (I had a pink smiley face flower sticker so that meant I had salmon). It did the trick, but it was a really gorgeous and classy wedding, so the stickers looked funny and out of place to me.  I am incorporating bows into some of my reception decorations (my bridesmaids have a massive bow on the back of their dress so it all ties in together) so the ribbons will hopefully be pretty and tie in with this! 

    Someone on this board actually came up with the ribbon idea for me and I am really excited about it :)
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    I've seen stickers used most commonly. I've also seen people use different ribbons for different entrees.

    Because I'm a huge bridezilla, I told my caterer flat out I wasn't doing anything like that.  :)

    So, I'm giving her a diagram with each table and then identifying which entree goes to which seat. People will have assigned seats, so it won't be that difficult. Worst thing that happens is the waiters give the wrong thing to someone and they switch. I have this insane bridezila vision in my head of how I want my tables to look and I'm not switching it.

    Here are my place settings. Stickers would ruin it:

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    I'm having them printed, and different colored names will mean different meals (ex. blue= seafood, orange=chicken, gray=beef< etc.)
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    Butterfly.. Love the ribbon idea!  I think I may have to play around with that as well :)
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    I'm lucky and my venue doesn't require me to do this. They just need to know how many per table. But before I knew that I was going to color code the escort cards (i.e. purple card for chicken, cream for beef, silver for fish, green for vegetarian). That way it was pretty and matched my colors but still told the waiters what to do. I don't like the look of stickers because it kind of takes away from the elegance of the event.

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    Hmm I honestly haven't even talked to my venue about this yet. Thanks for reminding me! But the last few weddings I went to identified the meals with a stamp on the escort cards, instead of a sticker.
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    Hmm ribbons are a good idea. We have rhinestones to put on our escort cards but I feel like they're a bit too small for the servers to see.

    I also saw a cute idea in a magazine where you can punch holes all over the escort card and then add a colored paper behind it so it looks like you have polka dots! I'm considering doing this- maybe red, silver, and black.
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    I think the stickers end up looking tacky so I hate that my venue keeps trying to pressure me into it! My Dad loved the idea because I have an overabundance of stickers since I'm a teacher. He suggested the exact ones that butterflyjumper described- the smily faces. They would look totally out of place at our country club wedding.

    I'm planning on doing ribbon on our favors, which will be at the seats. The ribbons will be in our wedding colors and possibly have a "Thank you" tag on them so they should look like they belong.  Hopefully the venue will be okay with this solution.

    Mekiakoo- the rinestones sound cute, much better than the stickers.

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    we're placing the cute little, chicken, cow & carrot on their escort card =)
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    I really like the ribbon idea that is way cute.  I am lucky my venue doesn't seem to care how we identify which people get which entree as long as we do it.  

    We are going to use different colored font that ties into our colors when we print the escort cards.  The cards will be placed on the tables because we will have assigned seating.  
    Silver = Salmon
    Burgundy = Stuffed Salmon
    Vegetarian dish = Black
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