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This may have been said already (I haven't been able to keep up b/c I have been out of office all week) but I love your siggy pic!  Such a beautiful, "in the moment" shot.  Gorgeous!
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    oh, thanks!  The thing I like about it most is how handsome DH looks.  Well, at least in my opinion.  I showed him how it's in my siggie, and he didn't seem to share my opinion. isn't love wonderful?  i'm sighing over him right now as i think about him!  i know, i'm so corny.
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    Hahaha, Jen!  I was just thinking this as I read your response above and was thinking that I should page you & let you know!  Then I got to this post (!) so I think I'll just piggy-back off of Vanessa's post!  Love your new siggy!!!!!
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    Piggybacking too...  I love the new siggie pic.
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