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Hi everyone, a big shout out to all you wonderful knotties for your bios and posts. Without this site I would not have been able to plan my Maui wedding. For those of us who like to pick and book our own vendors I was wondering which DOC you are using. Has anyone heard of Sandra Wagner from A Maui Wedding Day? Please feel free to email me at julie4233 at gmail dot com. Thanks for all of your help. You girls are all amazing and a wealth of creativity and information.

Re: DOC in Maui

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    I am using Lori from Tropical Maui weddings and she is awesome!!  I can book my own vendors with her. 
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    We also used Lori for our wedding.  It's your choice to ask her to help with vendors or use your own.  Most often, I would do some research via the lovely knotties and then ask Lori for advice and compare the options.  Then either I will book directly or I will ask Lori to book for me.  Even if you book your own, Lori will help you coordinate with them on day of wedding :)
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