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Hi, I'm working with Celebrations Catering on our wedding day timeline. Typical receptions here not including the ceremony, last 6 hours, so I was using that as a guideline. The ceremony and reception will be at Olowalu in January so it's pretty much dark after 6 pm. I'm thinking we should start at 3:30 for guest arrivals with the ceremony at 4, cocktails 4:30 till 6, then dinner and dancing 6- 9:45 (have to shut down by 10 pm). We have a DJ and there are 50 guests. They are suggesting starting at 4:30, one hour cocktails, and only about 2 hours dancing. He said 6 hours was too long.. Opinions please!!Mahalo!Karen

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    Hmm...I'm getting married at Olowalu as well, my ceremony start time is at 4pm and we are dancing until they kick us out at 10. My WC suggested 4pm as our start time so...I say it's your big day, and you're spending tons of money and time on it, so if you want 6 hours then do 6 hours! I'm sure everyone will have a blast and not want to go home when it's over!
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    We started ½ an hour later than you (guests arrive 4:00, ceremony at 4:30) and I don't think the extra ½ hour you're proposing is crazy at all - but I wouldn't do it for the cocktail hour. People are ready to eat properly, sit down and get on with things after an hour of milling about. When are you planning on doing speeches & cake cutting? 'Cause you could arrange all of those from 5:30-6:00 and then go into dinner from there.
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    My wedding is in Nov so it will also be dark for me by 6pm. I don't have an official timeline yet, but the ceremony will start at 4pm, approximately 4:30-5:30pm will be cocktails, and then people will start to find their seats and then we will have dinner, dancing, and all the stuff in between until we get kicked out at 10pm. I can't imagine that everything is going to happen right on the hour or half hour because everyone will be mingling and it will take an extra ten minutes for the cocktail hour to get underway, or an extra ten minutes for dinner to get underway, etc. etc. But don't have your cocktail hour last more than hour . . . people will start to get antsy to have the reception portion start. 6 hours is definitely not too long IMO - - maximize the time there, you paid for it! :)
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    Thanks for the input! That's a good point about the cocktail hour, I've been to a few where its over an hour and you do get antsy! So toasts are an excellent idea so we don't have to eat dinner before 6. They are not doing cake but a dessert buffet instead. So next question.. Are you or did you all go out afterwards?? Anyone know some good late night spots in Lahaina?  Hear there is a new place above Pacific O
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