Sharing about a GTG!

Hey ladies! I've been on the knot for awhile, but have never made it for a gtg! i have moved all over the place across the country since I've been engaged, but I've always been a part of the HI local board and the Oct. 2010! I met up yesterday in NYC with some of the other NY/NJ/CT October 2010 brides, and I had SO MUCH FUN! AND! Knot Annie came by to say hello since she lives in NY! She brought us gift totes packed full of free vendor stuff, a book on vows and traditions, a magazine, and a book on flowers! She was so nice! I hope that we can do a Hawaii board gtg sometime in the future. It was so fun to meet other brides and to find that they looked just like their pictures and no one was a creepy stalker! haha! Sooo... SoCal gtg in March anyone? Or a Hawaii one after April??? :)

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