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How much is your cost for catering and what is the menu?  I'm currently looking into catering and am curious what the typical quote (includes wait staff, gratuity, etc.) is for 75 guests.  Also, do you know of any caterers that provide square-shaped dishes with their services?  This way I won't have to rent from Accel. :)  Any help would be great!

Re: Catering

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    Royal Party Rentals also has square plates.  I'm not sure how their prices compare to Accel though:http://aapartysupplies.com/Our catering is going to run about $55 pp including service (not including gratuity) for a pretty extensive buffet menu.  We have ~60 guests.  Most of the caterers I spoke with charged $40-60 pp for food, with service and gratuity extra.  If you are looking to go less expensive, there are definitely options for that as well, I think people have used Poke Stop and Yama's Fish Market for less expensive options.HTH!
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    Awesome, thank you for your help! 
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    what type of food/menu are you looking for? we're going with a very local style menu, and it's coming to $13.45 a person including 3 guys from the company to help bus tables and clean up. we're doing it buffet style.you can see my menu in my bio :)unfortunately, i don't know of any caterers with square plates. we're going with round disposables by masterpiece (they're thick plastic plates). i know that lolo808 had square plates purchased from sam's club last summer -- but when my dad went to go look they didn't have any :(hope that helps!
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    I am using Kahala Caterers. We are having disposable square shaped dishes, and they really do look real!!
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    We are using Vanessa with beaches and backyard barbaques in Kailua. They have the square plates. It's about $72 a head so far and we have 60-70 people attending. The head $ is for everything food & rentals.
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