Reception at Bali By The Sea

 We are having our wedding reception at the Bali By The Sea and cant wait. Just wanted to know if you have any tips on things i can do to decerate the tables? OR things to know about the reception area.. We have a small group of 25 people going.


Re: Reception at Bali By The Sea

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    Sorry, I don't know about Bali By the Sea.  Just wanted to say I love how your hair looks in your siggy :).  Good luck!
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    I'm having my reception there as well for about 25 people.  I have been tot he restaurant before.  Has Alicia sent you pictures of the area?  When is your wedding?  I have plans and ideas already but would love to brain storm with you.
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    I have talked with her, but she is always really short!! We are getting married April 28th... They worked really hard on making a great menu for us..I'm thinking about just buying flowers when i get there to make my own centerpieces.. I'm really crafty and don't feel like buying hundreds of dollars for 3 centerpieces.

    When are you getting Married ?? Have any ideas on what your doing for favors??
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    I tried to talk to her on the phone once and got the feeling too.  She said she would e-mail me back, lol.  I was getting frustrated with her lack of replying to my e-mails, thus why I called.  A close friend of mine used to work with her at another restaurant and said just trust her, she's good and knows what she is doing.  Would love to hear more about your menu.  We're just trying to figure that part out.  Are you doing the Sunset room or the front of the restaurant?

    I'm getting married June 10.  I ended up getting centerpieces in colors to match for $60/each and just decided it would be less stress on me for them to do it.  As far as favors......we're getting t-shirts for everyone with our monogram, name, wedding date, and Honolulu, Hawaii.  My color is fushia and Michael's has gift bags that are fushia and cream 13 for 7.99 (and I had a 50% off coupon). 

    Where are you getting married at?

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