Average Reception cost per person?

Hey guys!

Just was wondering! What is your average reception cost per person for food (without alcohol) in Hawaii? I am looking at some popular wedding caterers but I have no idea where pricing even starts at or what the norm is? I'm having a small wedding but wanting to put the focus on the food!

Re: Average Reception cost per person?

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    Our catering and rentals (tent,tables,etc) came out to about $200/per person
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    Ditto destiny1108, ours was in a similar price range.  But then again, we kind of went all out on food and hors d'oeurves.  It was a priority to us to pamper our guests, since it was a small group and they all spent a lot to travel to our DW.  

    Most caterers will have a variety of menus with various price points...so it can be much less than that.  I would say the meal itself would be a minimum of $100 pp for a basic menu, but factor in hors d'oeurves (if you're planning a cocktail reception), dessert/cake, and service fees (i.e. tip) on top of that.  

    Also think about what type of food you'd prefer?  We wanted seafood (avoiding wedding chicken at all costs!), so that also increased the per head cost.

  • breanessbreaness member
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    Ours is just a dinner reception with our parents and we're expecting about $70 pp for apps and dinner, not including drinks and dessert. But then again, we're just going to a restaurant.
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    For food, drink, servers, rentals (tables, chairs, etc), I think we paid a little more than 250$ per person. We had 31 guests, and were just on the cusp of needing that extra pair of hands, so if we'd had another 10 people, the cost probably would have been a bit lower.

    Factoring in the cost of the reception site itself, flowers, lighting and everything else, the cost is more like 370$ p/p. But, again, that would have been lower if we'd had more people.

  • FSForeverFSForever member
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    For just food, not factoring in the site, decorations, tips and alcohol. $70pp for dinner and apps. This is also including the tax and service charge.
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    I'm going as cheap as possible and our food is only $10 per person, but I hear it's delicious. Were going without any catering help and we're picking up the food and setting it out ourselves. Info in my bio. We're having 30 people. Rentals for chairs and tables and linens and arch and everything was around $500.
  • maui2011maui2011 member
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    For food only...$78pp plated...this includes apps, salad, pasta dish, sorbet to cleanse the palet, main course and dessert...this is actually much cheaper than at home for the equivalent type and quantity of food...they will also cut our wedding cake. HTH! J. :-)
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    I think ours was about $85/pp.  Appetizers, salad, plated duo for dinner, plated duo for dessert.  This included plates / glasses.

    Servers / bartenders / staff / alcohol / tent / chairs not included.
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    Our will end up being right about 83/per person thats including everything from food/ drinks. We had to pay a flat rate to use the space and then they too the cost of food out per person which is actually niec it made it pretty easy for me.
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    Thanks for the info guys!! 
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    If you don't mind my asking, where are you getting married?
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