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Aloha ladies!

I am new to the boards. Although, I must admit I have been scouring them for information for a while. :) My husband (we did a little courthouse thing before I left) and I are from NC, so when my job transferred me here for a few months, we were ecstatic! Before I left, I told him that I would take care of everything here and all he would have to do is show up. Too bad it isn't as easy as I anticipated...

I am having two major issues right now. The first is that I cannot set a date yet because he is in Afghanistan. I am thinking that it will be in early October, but who knows? I won't be able to set an official one for about a month.

The second is the budget! I thought that $3,500 would be more than enough for a small (4-10) ceremony and reception. However, the more I look into things, the prices are outrageous. Am I missing something? I would love to stay at the same place for the reception rather than having to move around and risk our parents getting lost in the city (lol), but it looks like a minimum is $2,000 for no more than the location and a minister which leaves little room for the dress, hair and makeup, food , etc.

Does anyone have any tips on a location, good catering, hair and makeup, etc?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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  • what island are you looking at? 
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  • Oh! I'm sorry! I have to stay on Oahu

  • I think that is doable depending on how much ou want to spend on photo and video. We were married at the Wai'alae beach park and then walked over to Hoku's at the Kahala resort for our reception dinner. Check out my blog recap of the whole day and vendor reviews. Our wedding package/planning was very reasonable for a small intimate ceremony. Let me know if you have any questions. HTH
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    From what I remember, lots of the hotels in Waikiki offer Vow Renewal packages so I would suggest looking at those.  There are also lots of wedding planners who I'm sure can offer a VR package as well, or just slightly change up a wedding package, but I didn't use one myself, so I can't give any recommendations.  And a lot of brides here did a ceremony at a park and then dinner at a restaurant.  that should be an easy way to save on cash, but remember that no structures are allowed on the beaches in Hawaii.  I think permits are only $20 or something

  • Welcome and Congrats! We will be marrying on Maui, so I don't have info. for Oahu but I definately think its doable. Our officiant, permit and reception are under that for 18 guests and that is with a lot of extras. Good luck and let us know how the planning goes. 
  • Congrats on your weddings and thank you for the advice!

    @SavyLittleBride: Your bolg is amazing! How did you find the restaurants were looking at?

    @ kje_: I have been looking at the various packages that are offered, but I haven't seen one that I like. I am trying to stay away  from the traditional Hawaiin stuff like conch shells and hippie ministers and that is all I have seen so far. I haven't 100% decided on a photographer yet. One of the guys that I work with is an absolutely amazing photographer/editor, but he has never done a wedding before. :/ .
  • I started off by looking at area restaurants using Google maps and the researching them individually. We had a few guests and did not want to worry about transportation from wedding site to reception. It worked out perfectly. The food was amazing and their pastrly chef executed our wedding cake down to a detail. We could still see our wedding site from the restaurant while dinning which made it even more special. :)
  • Your budget is more then doable, as long add you plan things correctly. I know you can't set a day yet but when you do try to go for a Sunday or even a weekday you can save so much just by doing that. Also do you live on Oahu or are you still in NC? Well anyways, for hair, make-up, photographers and video look for a free lance, the college on Oahu is the best place to look for one. Actually I know someone that may be able to do your hair, I can fund out for you if you like. Let me know. Also for flowers, if you think you could do them yourself instead of hiring a florist, the flower mart on Oahu is a great place to get a ton of flowers for a great price. You will also save a good chunk of cash. Hope this helps.
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    I would also love to know who you suggest to do hair. I am getting married in oahu in October. We are spending 400 for the minister and photographer and getting the flowers at sams. I decided to do my own makeup. We are throwing a small dinner at a local restaurant so we are spending 1000
  • We got married on the Big Island and didn't exceed your budget (not including flights and hotel of course) We had the ceremony through the Marriott and it was perfect! They handle everything, minister, music, chairs, for $1000. We had amazing photographers!!! http://whitedotphotography.com/. You could contact them to see if they go to Oahu. I really can't explain how great the made the day! and I made a bouquet with flowers from Safe Way =) I got tons of compliments (it really did come out great! you can watch a few you tube video of how to wrap the flowers correct).

    Don't make the process stressful! Keep it fun and light and just enjoy! Best wishes!
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