NWR: Holy Twisters!!!

So I have a story about yesterday....the weather was CRAZY here! Some of you might have seen national news coverage, we had a total of 39 tornadoes touch down from the southern border of Oklahoma, all the way up to the northern border. There was a massive one near my old college that killed some people, and one near to where I work in downton Oklahoma City.

We have an intern here from Paris and she is forever traumatized! Our boss is one of those guys who likes to act like the warnings from the weather people are completely exaggerated, and so while everyone surrounding our office was getting the heck out of dodge yesterday before the storm hit, he was standing at the window scoffing at them. He finally let us leave 5 MINUTES before the tornado warning sirens went off and the sky turned black.

The intern and I had just jumped into my car and the weather service was broadcasting on the radio that a tornado had touched down in Oklahoma county. The wind was blowing so hard, and it started to rain and hail golf ball sized ice!! We made it up the street to her apartment and when we opened the car door, the wind ripped it out of our hands- I thought we were going to fly away. We ran into her apartment and turned on the TV to see what was going on. There was one about 10 minutes east of us, but nothing ever came close to the apartment while we were hiding out.

Thankfully, there was no major damage to our home or vehicles. But there is destruction all around us- I think 6 people died and tons of landmark businesses destroyed.

More severe weather predicted for tomorrow and Thursday! Next time, I'm peacing out at work early!

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