String trio & Ukulele for Ceremony & Cocktail Music

we'd love to have a string duo/trio (violin, cello, etc) for the ceremony music and then a guy playing the ukulele for our guests during cocktails right after the ceremony. 

but haven't found anyone just yet... I saw a guy playing on the streets in Waikiki, but he wanted to charge $600 for one hour, and that was a bit above our budget, especially since we want to do both and are also having a dj for the reception....

any suggestion of musicians I could look into and idea of pricing?

thought perhaps Univ of Hawaii could have some students that would be willing to play, but don't know how to find out about it either...


Re: String trio & Ukulele for Ceremony & Cocktail Music

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    I think $600 per hour is a bit much!  Maybe ask your coordinator if she/he has any contacts?  You can also contact entertainment companies and get a quote.  I think our guitarist was about $175 per hour including an amp.  I'm sure your coordinator could help you out.

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    We're doing harp & violin for ceremony...$450/hr and a guitarist for cocktail hour... $225/hr...this is in Maui tho. HTH! J. :-)
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    so this is kind of random... but my brother has been playing the ukulele for ~15 years now and he played at our wedding.
    I honestly have no idea if he'd want to play at a wedding (it's just been a hobby of his, not  a profession), but I could ask him if he's interested... I'm sure if he is willing to do it, he definitely would NOT charge you $600 (holy cow!).

    Are you on Facebook? I have a few videos of him playing on there if you'd like to see.
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    A friend of ours is a musician on Maui, and she said that $200/hr per person is the standard in the industry.  Just FYI.
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    The string trio will probably be at least $450 plus ukulele.  Most of entertainers we looked at averaged $150-$200/per hour/per person.
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    I'm looking for a ukulele performer, too. On Maui. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Hey caiandcullen, I'd be interested in hiring your brother, we're hoping to get a ukulele player for our wedding and we're on a budget. We're all about hiring semi-professionals. Our photographer is a friend and our DOC is a friend too, we're paying for their flights in exchange for services. I don't need the best of the best.
  • kriskrispieskriskrispies member
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    thanks everyone for your info/inputs/suggestions!!! keep them coming, that's super helpful! if you have anyone specifically to recommend in oahu, please let me know. 

    I was indeed thinking that $600 was waaaaay too much, and that being the case we wouldn't be able to do neither one or the other...

    caiandcullen - I do have facebook, what's the best way to see your brother's videos?

    btw - met with susan from something blue hawaii when I was in Oahu last week (I first heard about them from your bio) and loved them.... pricing was much more affordable from what I had seen, they're nice and seem to know what they're doing, so we decided to go with them for the invitations. yay, one more thing checked off the list! I'll have to do a post-wedding bio with all my reviews, now I'm seeing how much other bride's opinions really help! thanks!!! :-)

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    hi ladies, you both have PMs.

    kriskrispies - glad you liked something blue! they are so easy and great to work with. susan is actually one of my stepmom's best friends, so I'm glad she's getting a lot of business! she's worked so hard on this and they do such an amazing job. my invites were one of my favorite things of our wedding. I was proud to mail them out :)
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