Open Letter Thursday!

Feel free to say here stuff you would never say in person!

Dear parents of the girl who faked sick for her English presentation,

No, your daughter is not misunderstood. She's actually one of those devious princesses who always gets her way at home and who doesn't like it when that doesn't happen here. Yes, she is a liar and yes, she is a backstabbing b!tch, and no, I don't like her. And I don't think draping your 12 year old daughter in Tiffany jewellery is a good idea. It's terribly tacky, and frankly it encourages materialism.

And by the way, her cousin is awesome. So clearly your brother is doing something right where you're failing miserably.

her English teacher

Re: Open Letter Thursday!

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    hahahahahahahahaha that is great Alyson, I know how you feel as a former teacher.....here goes....

    Dear DH's Mom/Sister,

    You are both seriously b!tches. I really appreciate your always wanting to know how much money my family and I have and meanwhile trying to tell me how to spend my fathers money for my wedding, when you didn't offer up a penny! It was also really great to hear from some really close family friends the day after my wedding that you think I am materialistic and too strong a personality for your son! That was super fun news while laying on the beach in Hawaii when my father just afforded half your vacation! Thanks for that loveley piece of info....oh and by the way I make almost double what your son makes, so trust me I can support myself, no worries I am not marrying for money!  Oh and one more thing we are moving from this crappy hell hole called Oregon in 5 years, I know you have stated many times you don't want DH to move away but guess what you moved to Canada so we can move wherever we want!!! So you can take your hippy lifestyle and crappy attitudes somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Dear roommate - 
    Please get your head in the game. It drives me crazy to see you getting all flirty with the TA in our class. Gross! And i don't want him coming over to our room either.
    Dear chef,
    Our first day in class, and we sit for hours listening to your lecture, and then all we make is COOKIES? I could do this at home without paying tuition and your salary! challenge me!
    Dear weather,
    I hate you. If you are going to be so cold and make all the leaves fall off the trees, then you need to make it snow so it looks pretty and its fun. Thanks.
    Dear Christmas and FI,
    Please come soon! I can't wait!
    Dear fat,
    Please leave my body! Easily :)


    haha that was a lot!!!
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    Dear FI's ex-girlfriend,
    I'd appreciate if you'd quit calling me names, it's ridiculous from someone your age. He broke up with you for a reason and that was a while ago. You really need to get over yourself and move on. We're happy and your bitchiness doesn't faze us but the name-calling DOES affect me when you're running to his mother constantly. Don't be 12.

    Dear finals,
    HURRY UP and get done!! I need Christmas and FI time!
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    Oh, these are TOO funny!

    Dear Fate,

    It would be really great if you could throw a hefty sum of no-strings-attached-moolah my way.  I would be most appreciative. SmileSmileSmile

    Very truly yours,
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    Dear coworker who sucks at his job,

    It would be much appreciated by the entire department if you would kindly transfer out or quit. Despite what you think, you are terrible at this job and incredibly slow at it. You have yet to learn anything in the 8 months you've been here. And now you're only working 2 days a week? Clearly we don't need you.

    You are a short Asian man with a huge Napoleon complex; I hate the fact that you think all women should stay at home and have babies -- you hate the fact that I'm better at my job AND your job than you are.

    Suck it up and quit, please.

    Much appreciated,
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    Dear coworkers,
    I know you are scared to grow up and still wish you were in high school, but please stop talking about how "all women change after they get married" in front of me!!! 
    Coworker A, please stop swearing and talking shiit about other teachers in the staff room!!!  Just because you THINK they can't understand you, doesn't make it OK!!!!  It's so rude and for someone who pretends to be so polite, I just don't see how you don't get this!!! 
    the only foreign female teacher on staff!!!
    p.s.  to my boss, hire some more women!!!  I'm sick of hearing about football and hockey!!!
    wow, that felt good!  Thanks Alyson!!
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    aliblualiblu member
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    Dear Co-workers/Bridesmaids,
         Please stop being bitchy to each other. It puts me in a bad situation when my two best friends are mad at each other, and complain to me about it, and expect me to defend them. I am not going to choose sides, battle your own battles.

    Dear School,
         I wish you were done, I really really hate you right now, and I just want christmas break to come, then I get a month away from you.

    Dear Fellow-Photography Student,
        You do not own the darkroom, you are a student, just like me. You are no better than me, and you should not try and tell me what to do, or tell me to move down enlargers because you friend wants to sit by you. You are such an ass, and you walk around like you own the place. You are rude, and I really hope I never end up in any classes with you.

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    This is AWESOME!!  However.....I have this problem that I don't hold back and seem to tell everyone exactly what I'm thinking lol.  Yes, it takes a special person to love me lol.   Great job getting it out ladies!!
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    Dear Knot,

    Your new format sucks as.s.  I realize that this is all really just one big money-making endeavor for you, and that you don't actually care about the community of knotties that use your boards.  However, your shortsighted attempt to put gobs of ads on my page has significantly reduced the amount of time I knot, thus significantly reducing any exposure to your ads in the first place.  I don't thiknk I'm alone in this.

    Oh, and get yourself some goddam.n tech folks.  This kind of rollout is ridiculous.  When Knot board regs are moving to Nest boards (or offboards/facebook) almost 2 wks after your rollout, guess what, it's a complete failure.

    But hey, congrats on getting Knot tv at the top of every noob's screen.

    Yours truly,

    p.s. You should note that just on principle, I don't purchase from vendors who advertise on here.  So there.
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    HAHAHAHA These are awesome and totally made my morning. 

    Dear fellow probationary agents who don't do anything:
    YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING!  Quit acting like you are better than me when no one wants to work with you AND you never actually work.  You guys act like you're so overworked and so dedicated but you are here from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.... where were you at 2:00 am when I was still working AND had to be at 7:30 am????  Where are you guys when people need help with their cases?  Just because you work in a specific section doesn't make you better than me... I work in my section AND do work in your section... SO BOOYA!  (and yes, I did just type BOOYA)

    So how about you get back to work, work late a few days (like I do every week), and start being worth something?


    Whew... that felt good to get that off my chest.  :) 
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